Welcome to the ID Podcasts’ 10th Anniversary IDPodcaster Awards!

Celebrating excellence in podcasting over IDPodcast’s 10 year history


We’ll celebrate excellence in IDPodcasts’ national and international reach as the premiere infectious diseases educational resource on the web in ten categories. Nominated podcasts are taken from IDPodcasts’ ten-year history.

  1. 10.Best Top Ten List

Over IDPodcasts ten year history, we’ve featured several podcasts that have dealt in superlatives.  Taking a page from former late night talk show host David Letterman, three nominees fall under this category:

  1. 1.Top Ten Events in Infectious Diseases - Sandra Gompf, MD,  5/22/2008

  2. 2.Top Ten Infectious Diseases of All Time - Henry Chambers, MD,  5/8/2013

  3. 3.Top Ten Lesser Known Contemporary ID Outbreaks, Richard Oehler, MD, 2/23/2016

And the winner is, gaining more than 6,000 views on our YouTube Channel:

                Top Ten Infectious Diseases of All Time - Chambers, MD

  1. 9.Best Non-Medical Podcast

Although IDPodcast’s content primarily deals with medical or infectious diseases topics, over the years, we’ve hosted several podcasts which highlight important professional, social, or scientific subjects.  Here are our nominees for Best Non-medical Podcast:

  1. 1.A Tour of the Medical Wing of the London Museum of Science -- Richard Oehler, MD, 6/29/2007

  2. 2.Professionalism in Infectious Diseases -- John Sinnott, MD, 9/19/2009

  3. 3.Communicating with the Media in Infectious Diseases -- Daniel Haight, MD, 11/8/2011

  4. 4.Haiti: Before and after the Earthquake -- Jane Mai, MD, 5/11/2015

  5. 5.Medical Tourism -- Jose Montero, 2/22/2009

And the winner is, and having the disctinction of being our original podcast, gaining more than 1,200 views on our YouTube Channel:

                A Tour of the Medical Wing of the London Museum of Science - Oehler, MD

8. Best Guest Podcast

Over the years, a number of guest podcasts have been featured on ID Podcasts presented by national and international scholars, some extremely well renouned and others less well known. Here are our nominees for best guest podcast:

  1. 1.Case Studies of HIV in India -- Atul Patel, MD 11/9/2011

  2. 2.From Afghanistan to America: One Women’s Story -- Aiysha Ansari, MD 02/11/2012

  3. 3.Glycopeptide Resistance in MRSA -- Robert Moellering, MD 04/10/2010

  4. 4.HIV: Challenges and Opportunities -- Jeffrey Nadler, MD, 1/31/2009

And the winner is:

               From Afghanistan to America: One Women’s Story


Dr. Aiysha Ansari’s courageous and harrowing story of her life and medical career in Afghanistan and her quest to emigrate to America will resonate with the audience long after it is heard. Although recorded in 2012, her tale is still very relevant today in the age of international terrorism and travel bans.


  1. 7.Most Prolific Podcaster

During its now ten plus year run, IDPodcasts has benefited from the medical and podcasting talents of more than sixty contributors.  Which of its “regular” faculty podcasters has been the most prolific?

  1. 1.John Toney, MD

  2. 2.Sandra Gompf, MD

  3. 3.Richard Oehler, MD

  4. 4.John Greene, MD

  5. 5.Aliyah Baluch, MD

And the winner is...

                    Congratulations, Dr. John Greene!

Dr. Greene leads our all time tally of most presentations

broadcast on IDPodcasts with 22, followed by Dr. Oehler (21),

Dr. Toney (8), and Dr. Baluch (6), who is tied with several others

(Gompf, Cheung, and Quilitz)

For decades, Dr. John Greene has demonstrated teaching excellence in different venues ranging from small student sessions to conference rooms, large auditoriums, and now, an audience that spans the internet.  He has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards and countless scientific publications and his podcasts are routinely the most popular of all of our content. We are all proud to know him as a teacher and colleague!

  1. 6.Most Popular Subject

ID Podcasts’ mission is to “educate clinicians about infectious disease one podcast at a time.” Over the years, we’ve hosted presentations in many different ID-related categories.  among the most popular have been:

  1. 1.HIV

  2. 2.Immunizations

  3. 3.Infections in the immunocompromised

  4. 4.Bacterial infections

  5. 5.Public health

And the winner is...

                 Bacterial Infections!

Bacterial infections were the most popular of the main categories of our podcasts over the last ten years, followed public health, HIV, and the immunocompromised host.  With updated developments in antibiotic resistance, new infections, and clinical therapeutics, it’s no surprise that bacterial infections gets the nod.